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  How our web-based repair service works
Our proprietary scanner software allows you to send us a current snapshot of your system, called ScanLog. Our technicians then analyze your scanlog, research your problem and create a custom fix. We notify you when the fix is available so you can download it and apply it to your computer.

Download our scanner software. It's Easy & safe to download and install with a wizard style installer and uninstaller. Start the program and follow the instructions to scan your computer and submit the ScanLog to us. Slect the type of service you need, and complete your order through our secure server. Download the Fix and repair your computer.

How soon do I get my Fix file?
Fixes are created by our technicians. Normally you will get it within an hour. In some cases the technician may need some additional time to research the problem you are having. In this case we will let you know about the delay. Usually all errors are fixed within 24 hours.

Does your software submit any personal information?
No. The scanner never submits anything personal to us. It gives us important information about what programs run on your computer and other important settings that will help us analyze your computer. Before submitting the ScanLog to us you will have the option to read its contents so you can see exactly what is being submitted to us.

Can I undo changes made to my computer?
Before making any changes to your computer, our software creates a System Restore point (on Windows XP only) and it also creates a backup copy of ever modified or deleted file and registry entry.
If you don't like the changes, you can restore your previous settings yourself with the click of a button.

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